Creating 'eye catching' imagery to promote your business

When your creating logo, branding, promo photography, video content that will be used to promote your business, you should be aiming to 'stand out from the crowd'.  What's the point of spending large sums of money to create something that's mediocre, and will blend in with all your competitors advertising and marketing.  You should always be aiming to create 'visual tools' that are 'eye-catching' and visually alluring. For this shoot,  Yoga teacher Sarah Owen had an idea to be photographed doing Yoga poses with high heels and a pretty dress. Sarah was a little unsure at first, but I said 'Why not? Let's try it out, and see what we come up with. You might be surprised'. If you do a google search for Yoga photos you will find a large number of them are either on the beach, are silhouetted, or are sun-drenched. Heck! some of these 'visual cliches' are even repeated on my Yoga photography page.  

When I shoot I like to shoot a mixture of safety shots, and then I like to go out on a limb and try something more creative or experimental. A lot of the time, these are the images that end up getting noticed on social media, and sometimes even go viral. Not only that, these type of set-ups, that break from the norm, help to make a shoot more enjoyable!